Almost no business is immune from the need for quality software development. The act of building quality software, and shipping it quickly, has become the core engine of value creation in companies across all industries. At Computer Town we see the need to release code they trust and bullet proof by automating the build, test, and delivery process.



Our software developers give you well-developed software according to your business need, shape, and size. We also take care about the interest of your customers and come with software that helps you win trust of your valuable customers.

he software we develop for your website is easy to integrate with any established program. Furthermore, we can also create new version of existing software to help you keep pace with the changing market and customer preferences. Our new version is always largely different from the previous version.


Software integration is a true combination of subroutines, software modules or the full programs with some other software components in order to develop any application.

Tier 1 media solution offers professional software integration services to enhance the functionality of existing software. By using the source code modification, our IT staff and developers provide you software integration services that help to grow your business rapidly.

Mobile application development is software that is designed to run on the mobile device like smartphones or tablets. It is also available with the similar services and access on PC. This is great and very helpful for PC users. But sometimes mobile applications are not that responsive as you expect. And a non-responsive or less responsive mobile application cannot lead your company to the success. This happens due to faults or imperfections in the mobile apps.

We are here with the ability to convert all imperfections into perfection to give the best mobile application which helps you promote your business and win hearts of valuable customers. We make easy-to-use and responsive mobile apps that work effectively on all the devices.

We create online shopping stores with smartphone concept integrated with the best customer support chat service. Online stores that are beautiful, effective, easy to manage and load properly on all devices.